Integrating Human Indoor Air Pollutant Exposure within Life Cycle Impact Assessment

TitleIntegrating Human Indoor Air Pollutant Exposure within Life Cycle Impact Assessment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsStefanie Hellweg, Evangelia Demou, Raffaella Bruzzi, Arjen Meijer, Ralph K Rosenbaum, Mark Huijbregts, Thomas E McKone
JournalEnvironmental Science and Technology
Date Published03/2009
Keywordsexposure models, indoor exposure, intake fraction, lca, life cycle assessment

Neglecting health effects from indoor pollutant emissions and exposure, as currently done in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), may result in product or process optimizations at the expense of workers' or consumers' health. To close this gap, methods for considering indoor exposure to chemicals are needed to complement the methods for outdoor human exposure assessment already in use. This paper summarizes the work of an international expert group on the integration of human indoor and outdoor exposure in LCA, within the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. A new methodological framework is proposed for a general procedure to include human-health effects from indoor exposure in LCA. Exposure models from occupational hygiene and household indoor air quality studies and practices are critically reviewed and recommendations are provided on the appropriateness of various model alternatives in the context of LCA. A single-compartment box model is recommended for use as a default in LCA, enabling one to screen occupational andhousehold exposures consistent with the existing models to assess outdoor emission in a multimedia environment. An initial set of model parameter values was collected. The comparison between indoor and outdoor human exposure per unit of emission shows that for many pollutants, intake per unit of indoor emission may be several orders of magnitude higher than for outdoor emissions. It isconcluded that indoor exposure should be routinely addressed within LCA.

Short TitleEnviron. Sci. Technol.