Evaluation of short-term initial performance of a “Molekule Air” portable air cleaner

TitleEvaluation of short-term initial performance of a “Molekule Air” portable air cleaner
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsXiaochen Tang, Hugo Destaillats
Date Published01/2020
InstitutionBerkeley Lab
Report NumberLBNL-2001260
Keywordsair cleaning, air cleaning equipment, vocs

The aim of this project was to evaluate and characterize the performance of a MOLEKULE AIR air cleaner unit. The testing protocol comprised the evaluation of an unused Molekule Air unit operating at maximum (“boost” setting) fan speed setting. The device was tested over initial short-term periods of 70-80 h of continuous operation. The tested air cleaner was challenged in separate experiments with a well-characterized mixture of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and with ozone. All tests were performed at realistic pollutant levels in a 20-m3 environmental stainless-steel chamber. Variables controlled and measured in this study included the chamber temperature, relative humidity, the composition and concentration of the challenge VOCs, and the concentrations of ozone. Potential formation of byproducts was also investigated to assess the overall performance.

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