Air Change Rate and Air Tightness in Buildings

TitleAir Change Rate and Air Tightness in Buildings
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsMax H Sherman
Conference NamePerformance of Building Constructions and its Subcommittee E06.41 on Infiltration Performances, April 16-17, 1989
Series TitleAmerican Society for Testing Materials
VolumeSTP 1067
PublisherASTM International
Conference LocationAtlanta, GA

Information on state-of-the-art techniques for measuring air change rates. Many papers contain measured data on either airtightness or air change rates, some from large datasets. Papers also address the error associated with making field measurement using various techniques. 22 peer-reviewed papers appear in sections on tracer gas techniques, air exchange rate measurement, residential airtightness, multizone leakage, and comparison of techniques. For blower door contractors, researchers, specification writers, government agencies.