Maram Canawati

Maram Canawati



Communication, B.A, USC, 2003


Spot: Maram Canawati -  September 1st 2023

For Critical Support of the 13th International Conference on Carbonaceous Particles in the Atmosphere

Spot: Maram Canawati -  November 20th 2020

Playing a key role in the successful execution of the 2nd Floor Renovation Project of September 2019

Spot: Maram Canawati -  November 20th 2020

Exceptional performance in program support during significant periods of organizational transition

Spot: Maram Canawati -  June 14th 2019

Extraordinary effort in supporting Division Operations

Spot: Maram Canawati -  December 16th 2016

Managing the preparation and submission of CEC EPIC proposals.