Residential Forced Air System Cabinet Leakage and Blower Performance

TitleResidential Forced Air System Cabinet Leakage and Blower Performance
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsIain S Walker, Darryl J Dickerhoff, William W Delp
Date Published05/2010
InstitutionLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Other NumbersCEC-500-07-006
Keywordsair flow measurement, air leakage, blower power measurement, blowers, energy performance of buildings group, forced air systems, furnaces, indoor environment department, other, public interest energy research (pier) program, residential hvac

This project evaluated the air leakage and electric power consumption of Residential HVAC components, with a particular focus on air leakage of furnace cabinets. Laboratory testing of HVAC components indicated that air leakage can be significant and highly variable from unit to unit – indicating the need for a standard test method and specifying maximum allowable air leakage in California State energy codes. To further this effort, this project provided technical assistance for the development of a national standard for Residential HVAC equipment air leakage. This standard is being developed by ASHRAE and is called "ASHRAE Standard 193P ‐ Method of test for Determining the Air Leakage Rate of HVAC Equipment". The final part of this project evaluated techniques for measurement of furnace blower power consumption. A draft test procedure for power consumption was developed in collaboration with the Canadian General Standards Board: CSA 823 "Performance Standard for air handlers in residential space conditioning systems".

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