Research Benefits

Healthy Zero Energy Buildings (HZEB)

This program will produce and interpret scientific information on ventilation rates necessary in commercial buildings to maintain the health, comfort, and performance of occupants. The key products of the research will be:

  • New techniques to measure ventilation, indoor air quality, building occupant health, comfort, and productivity.
  • Development of a much-needed database of indoor air quality in commercial buildings in California.
  • Understanding of the sources and dynamics of key indoor pollutants that are controlled through ventilation.
  • Increased knowledge of the relationship between ventilation and human outcomes.
  • New information on energy costs of ventilation in commercial buildings.

The findings in this program will assist in developing science-based ventilation standards that support the health, comfort, and performance of building occupants while limiting unnecessary over-ventilation of buildings. This information is needed for setting policy and standards on the design and operation of energy efficient buildings, not just in California but worldwide.